BEC Foundry & Heavy Steel Fabrication, a name to reckon within the fabricating & casting manufacturing industry, is one of the leading and modern state-of-the-art Steel Foundry established in the year 1960 situated in the central part of India at Bhilai, Chhattisgarh State.
Our Approach
BEC Foundry offers High Manganese Steel Castings and other Steel Castings for freight railcar builders, passenger car builders, mining and construction equipment manufacturers, and custom machinery. It includes industrial castings, made of carbon steel, high-Mn steel and low alloy steel, mass transit undercarriage systems, couplers, and yokes; and freight railcar undercarriage and end-of-car coupling component castings etc.

Our in-house facilities include Pattern Making, Moulding and Pouring, Heat Treating, Testing of Mechanical & Chemical properties, NDT & DT inspection of Material & Certification and Machining.

Heavy Steel Fabrication serves Energy Sector & Material Handling Parts/Equipment.

We bring an innovative and flexible approach to all our projects. We work with clients who demand the very best and our engineering philosophy enables us to provide an integrated service which is accessible, professional and reliable.