Sustainability is priority for BEC and is the guiding philosophy.
Today, all environmentally aware individuals and corporations have sustainability aims and objectives. Our focus at BEC is to implement real change for clients with economically justified new technology. Improving sustainability is a fundamental aim which is consistent with the values of BEC.

Sand Recalaimation Plant

By using recycled sand we are:
- Minimizes the soil pollution.
- Avoids Ground Water Pollution.
- Avoids excessive mining

We adopt programs for prevention of pollution, improving health & safety performance, resource conservation and waste reduction. BEC’s Statement for a greener tomorrow is "less pollution is the best solution to get our globe clean for a memorable tomorrow". It’s our world; we must take care of it.

- Geetika Jain
Environmental Concern
BEC has long made it a priority to reduce its environmental impact. At our Facilities, we are constantly seeking new ways to recycle and reduce energy consumption.