The Fettling Shop is equipped with Pencil Hand Grinders to Heavy Swing Frame Grinders with facilities for welding AC and DC with pre-heating arrangement; Air Arc Gouging and Shot Blasting facilities and Hydraulic Press for straightening of castings.
Fettling is the process of cleaning the casting remnants such as riser, runner and other unwanted material. This is considered to be the first stage of finishing. This is a labor intensive process and in-house personnel handle the first stage of preliminary cutting. The final finish is achieved by swing frame grinding & hand grinding. Templates are used to maintain dimensional accuracy. Shot blasting is carried out in between the stages to get the desired finish.

In our Fettling division we have several workstations to handle all necessary finishing operations:
  • Grinding
  • Shot Blasting
  • Heat treatment ( 2 conventional furnaces & 1 salt bath equipment for ADI)
  • Quality control (visual / dimensional / US / magnetic)
  • Painting