In order to produce castings of good quality, proper Heat Treatment is must. Emphasis is laid on the process to achieve the properties. The shop is equipped with Oil Fired and Electric Arc Furnace for Heat Treatment with water quenching facility and tempering.
Heat Treatment
BEC offers some of the most comprehensive heat treating capabilities in the industry. With heat treat furnaces, and a combined capacity of over 25,000 cubic feet, we support a full range of processes. Out largest Heat Treat Furnace accommodates parts up to 30 feet in length.

We offer tempering, and stress relieving of parts weighing up to 35 tons. Castings are quenched in our 24,000 gallon or our 40,000 gallon Quench Tanks powered by 100HP agitation pumps.

It comprises furnaces with capacity ranging from 5 MT to 60 MT tons. Depending on the desired physical Properties, the castings undergo different heat treatments such as Annealing, Normalising, Surface hardening, Volume hardening, Tempering etc.