Inspection & Testing
BEC performs all updated inspections and tests for product both in-process and finished by qualified engineers. In accordance with documented and qualified procedures.

Major inspections include:
Chemical, Mechanical and Micro-graphic Checks Visual Inspections and Dimensional Checks with CMM proven (FARO-ARM) Non-destructive Tests
Leakage or Pressure Tests Heat Indication Tests  

BEC has acquired the most modern and highest quality facilities and equipment for inspections and tests. Our testing purposes and methodologies are as varied as the present and future needs of the industries and the customers we serve & supply. Current testing of new and existing products can be summarized into six basic categories:

1. Testing required to meet customer specifications.
2. Assurance of meeting industry, Government or legal requirements.
3. Development of new products supporting APQP product development activity.
4. Defining performance requirements of new products.
5. Refining and improving existing products.
6. Identifying and resolving field abnormalities