Really unique in our foundry is the high level of automation. Sand Moulds are traditionally manufactured on hand moulding lines. BEC took the technology a step further, as a result the internal logistic is mainly done by roller conveyors and cranes.
The shop's automation results in a production with an extremely high reliability and a guaranteed throughput. BEC offers a wide range of moulding technology to meet your specific needs. Green sand continuous flow moulding, flask less moulds, blown cores, and a patented phenolic sand moulding process are offered to ensure the right process to make your castings efficiently and provide the quality you demand.

The carbon dioxide moulding process employs a moulding mixture of sand and liquid silicate binder. The resulting mixture is hardened by blowing carbon dioxide gas through it. The used sand is reclaimed for environmental considerations and to keep the costs low.

The following are some of the equipment in use:
Sand Muller Sand Mixer Moulding Machine Core Oven
Sodium Silicate Oil Pumping Motor Sand Sieving Machine Moulding Boxes Spray Unit

We have complete sand conditioning plants with 7.5 tons and 10 tons per hour capacities and facilities for Machine Moulding including a 4.5 ton Floor Jolter, High productivity ARPA 900 Moulding machines for box sizes 500 mm to 1200 mm for Green Sand and KWS moulding machine of Jolting capacity for box size 3Mx1Mx0.45M, Sodium Silicate / CO2 sand and No bake sand (Alpha set). Additionally we also have a fully equipped Core shop with Electric Core Oven having Digital Temperature control system. Our cores are manufactured in CO2 and No bake Process (Alpha set).