In order to produce castings of good quality, the quality of Pattern is important. Consequently at BEC, great emphasis is laid for the same.
Pattern & Technological Shop
A leading-edge, in-house pattern facility helps to maintain high-quality production standards as well as to minimize time and cost. Our pattern shop is capable of manufacturing Patterns & Core Boxes. Multi Cavity Patterns are effectively produced. It is our strength.

A pattern is a replica of the object to be cast, used to make the mould cavity in where molten material is poured during the casting process. The quality of the castings is highly dependent on the pattern and that is why always special care is taken to develop and to restore them after each usage.

Highly skilled pattern designers and helpers are employed to maintain and retool the patterns. Patterns used in our process are usually made out of Wood or Aluminum. Both casting units have dedicated pattern shops for quick turnaround. The design offices in three major cities in India support the division in providing complete engineering solutions.

Having 3D Modeler "Solid Works" which facilitates design, other than modeling software we also have fully equipped with solidification simulation package "CAST CAE" through which we can check sample casting upto NDT quality Level - I before producing it in the shop floor.