QC & Lab
"We Believe in the Concept of Total Quality Built into Products & Services for Our Customers"

Our facility is purposefully designed and built for the manufacture of all types of rolling stock.

Quality assurance
High quality performance is maintained at every stage of fabrication and welding. The division's Quality Assurance system meets or exceeds our Accreditations listed.
As per policy, BEC conducts a high precision quality control procedure to check every input material at various intervals. This procedure ensures that our products are made with raw materials that are inspected and cleared for production.

The foundry has institutionalized stringent QA programs to ensure flawless, hi-tech, quality castings that are supplied to esteemed clients, domestic and overseas, in strict conformity with their demanding specifications. The various stages of manufacturing are closely monitored and controlled in order to produce quality castings.

All our products undergo strenuous Quality Control Tests in our well-equipped laboratory before delivery.
Chemical Laboratory:
Direct Reading SPECTROMAXX-M Floor Version High CCD Optical Emission. Also having Direct Reading Emission Spectrometer with Computerized print-out and Colorimeter arrangement for quick analysis in addition to the usual wet Method Apparatus.

Physical Testing Laboratory:
Equipped with a 20 Tones Lloyd's approved Universal Tensile Testing Machine and Hardness Testing Machines to measure Brinnel, Rockwell and Shore Hardness and Portable Equitip Hardness tester.

Metallographic Laboratory:
Metallurgical Microscopes with arrangement of photomicrography of any Steel or Ferrous Material and Micro Hardness tester.

Sand Testing Laboratory:
With complete range of testing equipment for laboratory work as well as for use on the shop floor, including the equipment for testing Methylene Blue Clay, Shatter Index, Liquid Limit, Mold-ability, Mold Strength, Impact Penetration strength, gas content in no bake sand etc.

Non-Destructive Testing:
Ultrasonic Testing with indigenous and German MAKE Kraut Kramer Equipment, Radiography with Iridium 192 sources and air conditioned dark room, 1000A Magnetic Particle Testing Equipment with AC and Half wave DC, Liquid Penetration Testing etc.