12 Cylinder Crankcase

12 Cylinder Crankcase

Product Details:

Manufacture and supply of a Shell assembly for Locomotive including Under-Frame, Side Wall & Roof etc.  typically constitutes of fabrication of the various parts, assembly, finish painting. Right from raw material procurement up to dispatch, every piece undergoes 6 stringent quality checks by the customer.

  • This comprises of the side panels of the locomotive fabricated out of special corrosion resistant 6mm thick steel plates. The critical part in manufacturing this item is to maintain the straightness within tolerance levels.
  • Roof Assembly comprises of four parts namely Roof over Cab end No 1, Roof over cab end No 2, Transformer Roof & BR Roof. We ensure not only perfect integration of the four parts of the roof but also perfect fitment of the roof over the side panels. Ease in fitment of various components such as pantographs, insulators etc. on top of the roof also need to be considered.

BEC is amongst the few manufacturer and suppliers globally to manufacture fabricated Crankcase & Engine blocks. 5 - Axes machining, tandem SAW welding and precision measurement which brings out cost savings of approximately 66(43%) for Diesel, Locomotives & other modes of transportation. A dedicated production line is set - up to meet the global technical requirement.
  • CrankCase & Engine Block for 2 - Stroke &  4 - Stroke Engines up to 16 Cylinders.
  • Oil Pan
  • Base Frame.
Infrastructural inputs like Special Purpose Portal Milling Machine, Angular  Boring Machine, and Coordinate Measuring Machine are provided to ensure accuracy of machining and achieving desired production rate.  Equally important is being taken care of the tolerances of a few hundredths of a millimetre by our engineers using their extensive skills and experience.