An integrated manufacturing shop: Casting, Fabrication, Machining, Assembly & Testing under one roof.

Highly skilled & dedicated workforce along with development team in job during development & manufacture of wear package in every possible way to improve the equipment performance, save the valuable time, money and raise the equipment efficiency levels.

Handle exotic materials like SS, Manganese and Alloy Steels in addition to Carbon Steel.

Manufacturing Excellence:

Foundry : 12000 MT
Fabrication : 10000 MT

The facility extending over 26 acres, with excellent road, rail, and air and port connectivity.


Foundry : 1,50,000 Sq. Mt
Fabrication : 81,868 Sq. Mt.
Machine Shop : 15,228 Sq. Mt.

The facility extending over 26 acres, with excellent road, rail, and air and port connectivity.

Power Back up/Generator:

500 KVA – 3 Nos. & 320 KVA 1 No.
For 100% Power back up to run uninterrupted Manufacturing.

Infrastructure has always been a backbone of our Company which allows us to produce qualitative products in conformity with international quality standards and current market trends.

Our state-of-art Infrastructural inputs ensure accuracy of Machining and achieving desired production rate and durability and efficient performance at its user end. Facility houses superior production and testing facilities, inclusive of a research and development centre. The unit is capable of manufacturing crucial equipment of high quality and is a market leader across all its product offerings.  This further ensures involvement of proficient human resource and technology advancement. We are firm believers in investing in the latest technology and the constant upgradation of the same, meeting International Standard.

Machine Shop at a Glance

More than 50 Machine’s NC & CNC Driven

Full-fledged modern Machine Shop with CNC Equipments, Hydraulic Press, Portable CMM & Tool pre-setter.

Integrated Flash Butt Welding Facilities

Infrastructural inputs like special purpose portal milling machine, angular boring machine, and Coordinate Measuring Machine are provided to ensure accuracy of machining and achieving desired production rate. Equally important is being taken care of the tolerances of a few hundredths of a millimetre by our engineers using their extensive skills and experience.

BEC is fully equipped with Machining technology including 5-Asis CNC Plano Millers & Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) for the measurement of Bogie Frames.


Foundry, fabrication & Machined Intricated facilitys



Best Engineering Designing & Simulation in-house facitity


Thoroughly all designs are tested in computer simulations so that changes can be made before an actual prototype is even manufactured. Our test press is accurate.

BEC use powerful tools in design development and detailed occupant simulation to meet all safety, weight and comfort, performance requirements of all our equipment’s designs to achieve the optimal balance of durability, acoustics, assembly and performance. These are the leading solutions for performing dynamic simulations on the impact of metallic and composite structures. These software design benefit from an optimal robustness, impact, and transmission efficiency.

We have 3D modeler “ SOLID WORKS” which facilitates pattern design. Other than modeling software we also are fully equipped with the Solidification Simulation package “Magma Soft” through which we can check sample casting up to NDT quality Level – I , before producing it in the shop floor.

Design & Engineering:

In house Magma Software for Pouring Simulation
Pro-Engineering for Methoding Leveraging Engineering Capability to enhance productivity eliminating needles process & reducing re-work
Minimization of forces, accelerations and wear
Calculation of optimized contract, transition and layout geometries
Simulation with dynamics multi-body dynamic tool NUCARES & SEM analysis
Validation in field tests.
Optimization of casting with simulation tools.



Production Facility

Hand Molding: (Semi-Automatic):

Continuous Sand Mixer (20 T / hr. and 30 T/hr.) and Compaction Table
Sand Mixers (5T / hr.) – 3 Mixers. : for Core Making

Machine Molding:

Kunkel Wagner Jolt, Squeeze with Rollover. Bed Size : 3.2 m x 1.2 m.
ARPA – 900 Jolt, Squeeze molding machine. Bed Size : 110 cm x 90 cm

Other Facilities:

Fully Equipped with Machine Shop
Fully Equipped Grinding and Gauging Shop
Wieldable Crossing Plant
Dedicated Assembly Area
Complete Testing Facilities
We are having No-Bake Sand System with an Alpha set and a CO2 sand system for Core Making Process.
Full-fledged and well- advance equipped in-house fettling process to ensure a short lead time and reliable quality.

Handling Facilities:

Foundry Shop is well equipped with Material Handling facilities for the movement
of produce based on operations such as Melting, Molding, Fettling, Heat Treatment, Raw Material, etc.

The equipment supplied from the division is pre-assembled with drives, trial-tested & match marks are provided for ease. Heavy mobile cranes with up to 250 tons capacity offer good handling & assembly facilities for the shops.
CNC Plasma Plate Cutting
CNC Hydraulic Press
High quality Welding System: TIG, SMAW, SAW
GMAW, Mechanised welding lines, Certified ASME, IBR & AWS Welders
Boom & Column Welding
Oil & gas Fired Heat Treatment Furnace with 60 MT loading capacity.
Central Paint shop with Shot-Blasting facilities.
The equipment supplied from the division is pre-assembled with drives, trial-tested & match marks are provided for ease. Heavy mobile cranes with up to 250 tons capacity offer good handling & assembly facilities for the shops.


Heat Treatment facilities

Quenching, Tempering, Normalizing, And Annealing Steel

For Heat Treatment, we have a Battery of Gas Fired and Oil Furnaces having capacities mentioned below with the arrangement of Automatic Multipoint Temperature recording of various Zones of each Furnace, with the facility for Water Quenching and Rapid Quenching.

Type Capacity Size Remarks
Oil Fired 60 Tons 8.0 x 6.3 x 3.7m With Water Quenching facility
Gas Fired 25 Tons 6.6 x 4.2 x 2.0m With Water Quenching facility
Gas Fired 16 Tons 8.5 x 2.2 x 1.0m With Rapid Quenching facility
Electric 5 Tons 3.0 x 3.0 x 1.5m For Tempering
Induction 2 Tons 3.0 x 3.0 x 1.5 m For Handling
Gas Fired 16 Tons 8.2 x 2 x 2m With Water Quenching Facility

The Liquid Metal is produced by using Three Phase Electric Arc Furnace and Induction Furnace:

Direct Arc Furnace: Furnace Capacity 10.5 & 7.5 Tons
Induction Furnace: Furnace Capacity 2 Tons

Heat treatment is an important step toward guaranteeing the mechanical properties of steel castings. In BEC, we have a battery of Gas fired and Oil furnaces having capacities as per mentioned here with an arrangement of automatic multipoint temperature recording of various zones of each Furnace. We also have facilities for Water Quenching and Rapid Quenching. Our extensive experience in Heat Treatment processes and other special process ensures meeting the desired dimensional and metallurgical specifications of the component, thereby delivering the best-in-class products to our customers, globally.

Gas Fired Program Controlled Heat Treatment Furnaces with air circulation facilities for Tempering / Stress / Relieving.


Safety & Certifications

BEC as technological leader, is dedicated to maintaining the optimum customer benefit and upholding the highest principles of quality, environment and safety.

High compliance with Quality & Safety Norms
Internal Quality Checks assisted by Bureau Veritas
Highly team workforce & fully qualified welders with regular Training Activities
Strong safety monitoring & controls
Environment-friendly work practices
Quality Management System
Strong safety monitoring & control and Environment-friendly work practices

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ABS Certified
  • AAR certified
  • RDSO class “A” approved foundry
  • Approved with OEMs in Railways


Quality Standards

Performance: To exceed customer expectation in regards to quality, delivery & Cost.
Integrity: To maintain highest level of Integrity to our customers and for our industry.
Improvement: To maximize Productivity & Efficiency of all business activities through a program of Continuous Improvement.


Quality Management

We pursue quality in all aspects of our business – manufacturing, process control, product design, application and most importantly, in our people. One of the main pillars of our strength is the rigorous quality control of all our products and services by implementing “QTM”

Test methods use state of the art analytical equipments and are often specifically designed for each and every product. Along the entire process i.e. from purchasing to transportation, strict quality checks ensure that our customers get the exact quality they require.


Quality Engineering

1. High compliance to Quality & Safety Norms & Continual improvement through proven methodologies and techniques
2. Internal Quality Checks assisted by Bureau VERITAS & Quality Control disciplines & risk assessment
3. QMS Audit model that delivers structured programs across business processes and supplier management systems
4. Defined regime for inspection, witnessing
5. Strong safety monitoring & controls and Integrated quality Management System
6. A Quality Management Plan that ensures the delivery of consistent and repeatable high-quality fabricated products

Complete metallurgical/chemical lab with Spectrometer, Microscope, Volumetric analysis
Complete Destructive testing lab for UTS, Impact, Hardness etc.
Complete NDT lab for RT (Cobalt t – 60 & IR – 92), UT, MPI, DPT testing.
Hydro testing Facility up to 500 Kgf / CM2
Testing Lab Certified by Lloyds
Calibrated Inspection Tools & Instruments including CMM

BEC has implemented and keeps updated a quality assurance system that complies with the requirements of the international standard ISO. 9001 Our quality objectives are focused on customer satisfaction and comply to national and International standard.

BEC has a mind –set of long-term partnership with our Customers both locally and Globally. Our highly skilled Technical Staffs focus on producing quality products and are compliant to the Customer’s specification for our Customers in accordance to International quality norms. Before the delivery, our quality inspectors on varied parameters to ensure its defect free nature. BEC has invested by our defect free nature. BEC has invested in precise Inspection Machines to ensure product quality is always achieved.


Material Quality :

  • Sand Testing Facility
  • Physical & equipments for process & geometrical conformance.
  • Chemical analysis with spectrograph
  • Micrograph & macrograph facilities
  • Calibrated plant
  • Mechanical Testing facility
  • Non-Destructive Testing – X-ray, RT, (Cobalt – 60 & IR – 92), UTI, MPI, DPT Testing
  • US, Magnetic Method
  • NDT BARC Level I & II certified Staff.


Our testing facilities include:

  • State-of-the-art calibration facilities and standard room, including Automatic 3D CMM and other facilities selected on principles of MSA
  • Fully-equipped testing laboratories to carry out detailed examination of friction material and rubber chemicals and metallurgy of ferrous and nonferrous materials
  • A modern, full scale dynamometer for testing of friction material products in simulated working conditions of rolling stock
  • Culture of process design and control to achieve zero defect and Six Sigma objectives
  • Complete range of inspection, measuring and testing equipment for destructive and non-destructive inspection and analysis of products including components, sub-assemblies, assemblies and system solutions.