Potential Suppliers are identified using our online supplier registration tool. We use this tool to establish new supplier relationships and identify potential Suppliers for specific procurement needs. Registering as a supplier does not place your company on a "bidder's list," indicating approval as a BEC supplier, or entitling BEC to solicit a request for quotation. However, it allows us to better understand your company's capabilities and experience.

Supplier Registration

Dear Supplier, Please keep in mind that in order to become a BEC supplier, you must first register. This process can be started by BEC or by yourself. Both will be the same process in the end. In the case of self-registration, we will require some additional information to route you to the appropriate counterparts within our Procurement organization.

Registration process initiated by supplier:

In order to start the registration process by yourself please fill out the registration form. This way we ensure that the right counterparts will be assigned to go through the registration process with you.

Registration process initiated by BEC:

You may receive an email inviting you to begin the supplier registration process in some cases. This is most often the case when we already do business with you but your data is still in a legacy system or is incomplete. In this case, we would like to request that you click on the link in the email and complete the registration process.

The supplier registration guide contains more detailed instructions on the registration process.

If you have any questions on how to become a BEC supplier please do not hesitate to contact our procurement department or in case of technical questions regarding the registration process.

Supplier self-registration

If this is your first time visiting our website, please familiarize yourself with the way BEC does business with its Suppliers.

The first pre-requisite before your company contacts our purchasing staff is to register and fill in the following Supplier Registration Form.

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